Just an oddball girl who loves to dance.

Break dancing class. Photo from author.

Hello! My name is Alexandria, but you can call me Alex for short. Everyone does. It used to annoy me, but I got used to it. Back when I was a gymnast, my coaches and teammates used to call me Alex and it stuck. I’ve been called some pretty awful names over the years, so I’ll respond to just about anything.

Something people might not know about me is my love for dance. Put on any music with a beat and I’ll probably be grooving along. I’m one of those people who enjoys performing. You wouldn’t know it by my…

Just an oddball who loves to travel, educate herself, and play video games.

Just a girl with her camera, in front of a reservoir. Photo by author.

A Quick Background

Welcome! I’m Alexandria, but everyone calls me Alex. I’m 33, but don’t look like it. People finally think I’m around 18–20. It’s better than 12–16, so I’ll take it.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and no I’m not Mormon. A typical question around these parts. Salt Lake has become more diverse over the last decade. When you think of Utah, big families come to mind. Lucky me is an only child. …

Let me Share Some of my Favorite Pictures

Settlement Canyon Reservoir in Tooele, Utah. Photo by Author.

This morning I woke up to an email telling me that I made top writer status in photography. Something I didn’t expect to get anytime soon, let alone in a month of writing on Medium. So in celebration, I’m going to share a few of my favorite pictures.

The panoramic picture above was from this spring on a random photography adventure to get out of the house. Settlement Canyon Reservoir is located 45 minutes west of Salt Lake City in Tooele County.

After learning how to take panoramic photos, I was excited…

How many blooms can you count? Photo by author.

Time to break out the macro lens.

Heading back home from our vacation in New Mexico, we stopped off at Hole-N”-The-Rock in Moab. It’s a quirky tourist place just 16 miles south of Moab. We drove past it on the way down, but we were trying to beat some monsoon storms that were heading in, so we didn’t stop.

Down where the oranges grow.

Can you see the oranges? Photo by author.

During a family trip down to Florida in 2016, we trekked down to where orange juice is made. Where do you ask? Florida’s Natural of course. Located in Lake Wells, Florida. Where’s that? I wondered the same thing since I’ve never heard of Lake Wells before.

Let me back up and explain why we were in Florida. My grandmother on my father’s side lives in Eastern Tennessee and we would visit her once a year. …

Up close and personal. Photo by author.

Featuring my favorite blossom tree.

Every year when the blossoms start to bloom, I get excited. Springtime is one of my favorite seasons and the other being fall. It marks the end of what is usually a long winter in Utah. There are “two seasons” called winter and summer. Fall and spring don’t stay around for long. Let’s say, winter is not my season.

The complex I live in has a couple of trees that have the prettiest blossoms. My favorite is the pink blossom tree. …

Why didn’t I know this was near Moab?

Hole N” The Rock. Photo by author.

Let’s start this off by saying that sometimes I can reflect my hair color. When I do have blonde moments, I’ll own up to them. This story about visiting Hole N” The Rock, south of Moab, Utah is one of those moments.

During our trip down south to Albuquerque, New Mexico, we passed through the tourist town of Moab, Utah. Moab is a popular destination to make a base camp for the National Parks in Utah, otherwise known as the “Big Five.”

While plotting the route out on Google Maps, I knew that we would be going through Moab, but…

A 20-year remembrance

Rows and rows of flags. Photo by author.

We all know what happen on that horrifying day back in 2001. If you weren’t born yet, you’ve probably heard the stories. When they say that 9/11 was the day that changed America, they weren’t wrong.

I was 13, in 8th grade during 9/11. I remember where I was when I found out the news. My parents were taking me to school before my mom was to drop my dad off at the airport. When I was growing up, he traveled to Europe once or twice a year for work.

Cotton candy clouds. Photo by author.

A few minutes for a new inspiration.

My full-time retail job has me up at 5 am, 5 days a week. I wouldn’t change it for anything during late May through early July since I can watch the sun rising on my drive to work. Something that doesn’t happen the rest of the year unless I’m on the road traveling.

Because the nature of my work is fast-paced and working on a dock that has two small windows, I always miss the sunrise. One morning I happened to not be working on the dock and working near a window, I happened to catch the beginning of the…

A quick shot while parked at a gas station.

B&W Moon. Photo by author.

So, funny story. In the almost two years I’ve owned my Sony 6100 Mirrorless camera, I’ve never tried to take a picture of the moon with my 4.5–6.3/55–210 zoon lens. It’s not that I don’t see the moon every morning while I drive to work, just never been in the right place at the right time.

On my last vacation down in New Mexico, the perfect opportunity came about. It wasn’t even planned, just happened.

We were down in Roswell, New Mexico for the day. It’s about three hours from Albuquerque…

Alexandria Radford

2x top writer. Writing about my travels & photography. Instagram @layoverjourney YouTube Layover Journey

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